viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Hoy tuve una epifania

Bueno, tal vez 2... personas a las cuales les tengo un cariño y un respeto insoslayable. =)

domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011


I love watching movies. One of my hobbies in my spare time xD, if you can call it that.

I see all kinds of movies when I'm at home or with my girlfriend. I have not defined a genre of movies, but I can say that I always like discovering new directors and new types of movies.

I have seen very interesting films just because I like the music and the scenery is nice, so I see the same movie also coming to the Oscars and are not to my taste.

The movies I see in general I have to call attention to the trailer, if it simply draws attention not see it.

I really like the Eastern cinema, stories and arguments are completely unexpected and surprising. I think it is because our cultures are totally different and see the reality in a different light. I declare myself a follower of Kim ki duk Korean diirector. This is Iron 3.

The films made ​​with deep issues and the images speak for themselves. These aremovies that have almost no dialogues, talk more with music and images, actors andtheir gestures is paramount. I call it a kind of film to rest and relax. At the other end there is also muno directors I like, for example, Coppola, Tarantino, Scorsese, Aronofsky ...

I keep aside the Chilean film, but I have not seen any movies that I liked too much, maybeit could be Machuca or Promedio rojo, jaja ​​with that at least I laughed a lot ...


Okay! i love freedom! and especially for writing about something i like
This is how i feel listening this rhythm, in total freedom, Welcome to Jamaica! i present: the rocksteady!

I want to be as clear in my post, and as the topic of the post is the music, I'll put some links of videos to better clarify and understand what I'm talking about. but, hey! back to the post. 

This rhythm is a combination between reggae and ska and dance very similar to the latter, but I mean the old ska because it has many differences with the current

I leave here as a sample of the old ska dancing:

The father of this rhythm is the SKA, this rhytm is older than the rocksteady and is the grandfather of reggae. The reggae beat is a derivative of RocksteadyAnd obviously all these rhythms have their origins in the same island, Jamaica.

It is said that a little tired with Jamaican ska began to investigate new rhythms, thenrocksteady was discovered in 1966.

The letters were not as banal as ska, in contrast, tried things that were on the dailyexperiences, and even in the international arena. This rhythm had a good journey in themost popular areas of Jamaica, yet still very popular.

Some bands that play these rhythms are: Toots and the Maytals, Desmond Dekker (so you know, the classmate was bob marley xD), U-Roy, Prince Buster, Jimmy Cliff, etc ... I recommend it.

this song is one of my favourite playlist, and talk about the shanty Town:

Overall I am a lover of these rhythms, ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub reggae...If you have time and are in tune, you can enjoy some of them...

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


Well, I'm divided, Santiago is a great city, and as such has many benefits, but at thesame time many flaws. Like 50% and i dislike the other 50%

Santiago is a city of extremes, sometimes I meet many different types of cities in it. I find it interesting their diversity, but it is absurd inequality, there are sectors that can not imagine that is Chile, thoroughly modern places such as Vitacura (Sanhattan), and others (who are the majority) where the course came some economic development.

Anyway, as the capital city, Santiago concentrates all trade and services, is a goodplace for education (there are many colleges and niversity), also to start a business or looking for work, etc, etc ...

The cost to be paid for living here, is sharing a city with constant stress, with streets crowded with cars, longer travel times, the smog, people usually get sick a little for all this, and end up changing their behavior. This is totally different compared with cities in regions.

Although if you want peace, there are also areas dedicated to recreation. For example I like the Cajon del Maipo, the one day of camping out on the outskirts of the city, go for a walk to the mountain panorama is also a great weekend.
In the city there are also many interesting places, like the Museum of Fine Arts, Forest Park, and many places to go for party time. Places that for little money can go to hear music and have a great time, such as Victor Jara Galpon.

jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

in ten years time

Well, i have no idea what i will be doing in ten years time xD, but i can safely say is that i'll be working on something different than geography (what i had study). I think i will be in the southern of Chile, in the ninth region (maybe), near to Caburgua or Pucon, i like that place, there are rivers, lakes, forests, fish, cows, big grasslands, etc... very nice scenary.
I think i would be working on something related to tourism, as travel, restaurants, a hotel owner, jaja i hope to have money for a tourism company and live off that, although it is not a bad idea to live off the country either!
The land where i will live will be very large, so i hope to have cabins for many people including my family!, douch! a camping is not bad idea! of course i will share my house with my family and my friends, i will do barbecued all the time, and i will eat much lamb and cow jaja and potatos too!
With this i will achieved my peace with the tranquility of the countryside, and i will do things that i will enjoy, like have natural adventures...
I think the world will be the same, ten years is a blinking in the time, maybe the tecnology will be more advanced, and the conections will be more fast, but the people will be the same...

my future seen like this! XD


jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

kill em all!!!! xD

I like much the art is a way to express intentions and deliver messages, is a form of communication for me. Personally i like much the paints, but i dont like to paint!. My girlfriend is studing art and i love talking to her about what is art and talk about painters and painting. we pass much minutes discussing and looking for answer that explains the pictures xD. Well this paint i see for first time when i was 5 or 6 years old in a book of art what i find in my house:

In that time this painting was really scared me, he caused me a little trauma xD jaja. A long time after i returned to see, but this time i found this painting interesting, is called: Saturn Devouring His Children, its a paint of Goya. This painting depicts an era goya decline while a dark time, the paint is completely dark and the only thing that is white in the painting are the eyes of Saturn that are insane, that's why you tend to immediately look into the eyes of the painting. Also is eating their own children because she was told that one of them will be kill him. I think that is not better than other pieces of art, but is different, and is shocking, for that i choose this paint.